Alpha testing has just started with the chance of getting in gone. Entree's for alpha testing had the brief window between January 25th to the 31st to sent in their application to be notified of their success on February 1st. With no date for beta testing or info on need of additional alpha testers those of us that missed the chance or weren't accepted can only obsess and morn. Heres a copy of the application posted by Krisalia on the Official Website:

January is coming to an end, and as we promised we will be opening our doors to a few people. We are currently in the Alpha testing phase, which means we need people that know what this means in order to help us test. The Alpha testers will be selected from the top results of the applications received.
Those selected will be notified the morning of February 1st.

Rules: - One application per person
- Application must be sent to Krisalia through Private Message or you will be disqualified
- Subject must be "Alpha Tester App" or the message will be disregarded.
- Entries will be accepted until midnight on January 31st.
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1. What is the Alpha development phase?
2. Have you ever been an Alpha tester before?
2.a Where have you done Alpha testing?
2.b What was the outcome of your testing?
2.c How would you rate your testing during that Alpha test?
2.d How often were the issues you found acknowledged by the development team?
3. What is the difference between Alpha and Beta testing?
4. What is Beta testing for you?
5. What do you expect from Alpha testing?
6. Have you done Beta testing? and where?
7. Mention your good qualities (related to testing).
8. Mention 5 bad qualities you have.
9. Why should we select you for our Alpha testing phase?
10. Mention any other details about you that you might want us to know about.